Sugar and Spice and everything nice... Sorry about that title folks... Meowmy seems to think that little rhyme is some sort of a joke. It's better than being called a "Spice Girl" so I humor her.

Spice, lounging on the couch

Hello all! I sit in my meowmy's lap every night watching her type away at some strange humming contraption and watching all the shapes going buzzing by on the box in front of her face. I've discovered that some of my fellow felines have their mugs on that box, so I demanded she put me there too. (It's a little tough to type with these mitts of mine or I'd do it myself!)

My name is Spice and I'm a tortoiseshell domestic shorthair cat that rules the roost in a small house north of Denver, CO. I chose my meowmy on January 7, 1997. She figures that I was born sometime in July of 1996 but I'll never tell her for sure! Meowmy had just graduated college and was looking for her first "real" job. She had been planning on being adopted by a cat but wanted to get herself settled before going into service. :) She was driving by the Denver Dumb Friends League, my shelter at the time, and just had to stop. I practically jumped through the glass when I saw her -- I know a soft heart that I could rule! She asked to visit and I turned on my charm...the rest is history.

I now live with a silly year old German Shepherd mix named Maya -- she took a bit of training before she figured out who was top fur in this house but I think she's got it figured out now. (Most of the time...) I even grace her with occasional leg rub or lick on the muzzle. And, I've got to admit, that wagging tail does make a wonderous toy from the right perspective! You'll find a pic or two of her too but meowmy made her a page of her own too...

Follow the paw prints at the bottom of the page and you'll find many pics of me and maybe a few other surprises too... Enjoy my pages and if you'd like to write, please send a message care of my meowmy. Her address is located below.