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Patchwork Calypso - click picture for larger image Rainbow Dreams Stables was created in 1986 when I was just a wee one back in middle school. I had been given a Clydesdale Mare & Foal as well as an alabaster Family Arabian Foal by my grandmother and shortly after found a gold mine of free classified ads in the back of my favorite magazine, Horse Illustrated. I sent SASEs (self addressed stamped envelopes) to almost every person with an address in those magazines...asking for sales lists, sire/dam listings and any tips they were willing to provide. Along with another horse-crazy young friend, we created a club called The All Breed Model Horse Collectors/Showers Club [TABMHCSC] (which is still in existence, under different leadership -- thanks Fran!) and attended the Hilltop Live Show in early 1987. I saved my pennies, begged and pleaded for new faces to add to my collection, attempted some scary point & shoot photos to enter early photo shows, "bred" my models so they'd have the perfect parents and identities...I was up to my ears in horses and I loved it. I had found my hobby - perfect for a horse crazy but horseless city girl!

Excelsior's Nightstar - click pictures for larger image I recently realized I've been involved with the model horse hobby for nearly eighteen years! My interested has lulled occasionally through the years as other aspects of life have gotten in the way (mainly college) but I was find myself right back here. My interest has narrowed to the itty-bitty models...Stablemate size and smaller, although I've recently considered purchasing a couple classic or traditional models to try my hand in performance showing. (I did attempt to show these little guys in performance -- I just don't have the patience for that teeny tiny tack!) My photography has improved immensely... I found that the Internet has had an amazing effect on the model horses hobby -- from mailing lists to discuss any topic under the sun to quicker ways to buy & sell model horses with scanned pictures and online auctions. Much of my "hobby time" is focused on racing "paper horses" in simulated racing groups The Express and the Model Racing Form (MRF). I've built up quite a string of racehorses and bloodstock! I am fairly active in several model horse clubs including TABMHCSC, the International Pedigree Assignment and Bloodline Research Association [IPABRA], and the the American Model Morgan Horse Association [AMMHA]. I enjoy creating web sites and am the web master for TABMHCSC, IPABRA and AMMHA in addition to my stable web pages and online model horse resource guide. I'd like to eventually try my hand at customizing although my early repaints haven't exactly lived up to my expectations. The model horse hobby has so many different aspects to it -- if you lose interest in one area, there's always another aspect to fill it's place!

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If you have any questions, comments, or just plain wanna talk, I welcome your e-mail at bgustas@starrfyre.com. I also have two Instant Messanger accounts - ICQ#17047749 (authorization required) and Yahoo ID beth_gustas. I hope to hear from you soon!

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