Rainbow Dreams Stables Sire/Dam Listing
Presented by Beth Gustas, bethgustas@gmail.com

Welcome to the Rainbow Dreams Stables Listing! While I've been involved with the pedigree assignment hobby since the late 1980s, I don't spend a lot of time on pedigree assignment these days due to other demands on my time. I have, however, been building my online list SLOWLY and welcome any breeding requests you may have...please be patient as it may take me a while to get back to you. If you haven't heard from me after a couple weeks, please ping me for a status.

Use of my Stock -- Rainbow Dreams Stables may not be used as the sire/dam of your model without written permission from their owner, Beth Gustas, in the form of an email and updated parent page.

Age Requirements -- All horses bred through Rainbow Dreams Stables must be aging. Offspring must be 4 years younger than their sire and born within the mare's stated open years. (Please include a second and third choice for year born in case your first choice has already been taken.)

Color Genetics -- Rainbow Dreams Stables strives for correct color genetics in its breeding stock. Since the PA hobby now knows so much more about equine genetics, I ask that you please follow the rules of color genetics when choosing parents for your horses. Lesli Kathman's book The Equine Tapestry: An Introduction to Colors and Patterns is an excellent reference. A good rule of thumb to make sure at least one parent is the same color as your foal. For additional information, check out the IPABRA Breed & Color Web Sites list or try googling equine color.

Breed Naming Rules & Requirements -- Some live horse breeds have specific naming restrictions such as using the first letter of a sire or dam's name or having the first letter of the name corresponding with a specific year. Please follow these rules when selecting names for your stock. A copy of these naming rules are available at http://ipabra.org/?page_id=413.

Real Mare Registry -- All live mares used as dams of Rainbow Dreams Stables' stock are registered with the IPABRA Real Mare Registries (where available). Due to the scarcity of real mare pedigrees easily available for pedigree assigners, IPABRA has created the Real Mare Registry to try and help avoid multiple duplications of foals born on the same date. This is a completely voluntary service, but IPABRA encourages members to use the RMR to help make their own lists more realistic. More information on the IPABRA real mare registries are available at: http://ipabra.org/?page_id=405.

Please Keep In Touch! -- I would love to hear about your foals' accomplishments in the model horse showing, racing, and breeding scene! Please keep me up to date with records on your stock's achievements. This information will be added to my horses' permanent record and is greatly appreciated! I will also buy clear halter photos of high-quality show horses by or out of my stock. These photos will be used only for bloodstock classes.

What is IPABRA?
IPABRA, the International Pedigree Assignment and Bloodline Research Association, is a model horse club dedicated to the research of equine bloodlines and its realistic application in the model horse hobby. Through a fantastic newsletter called "Bloodlines", an electronic mail mailing list, a web site full of information, and networking with other hobbyists, members learn about equine genetics and breed ideals and use this information to realistically pedigree their own "stock". Rainbow Dreams Stables is proud to be a member of this excellent organization and encourages any hobbyist with an interest in pedigree assignment to join! For more information on IPABRA, visit the IPABRA Web Site at http://www.ipabra.org/.

American Saddlebred Mares

Danish Grace (LJ Danish Express x Society's Royal Grace) 1985 black - open 91+

American Warmblood Mares

August Royale (Bubbling Highball x Cafe Royale) 1987 black tobiano - open 91-92, 94+

Appaloosa Stallions

Northern Navajo (Northern Sunset x Navajo Rose) 1985 chestnut blanket - ffc 1989
Spot A Doc (Plaudit Black Pine x Quinta Bar Bright) 1987 black leopard - ffc 1991
Durango Frost (Durango Chief x Red Frosty) 1990 black leopard - ffc 1994
Alconbury Rebel (Alconbury Hustler x Patchy Lena) 1991 black leopard - ffc 1995
Dreaming of Dancing (Black Dancer TB x Double Dreams) 2002 black blanket - ffc 2009

Appaloosa Mares

Anastasia (Plaudit's Paprika x My Darling Shea) 1990 red leopard (1/2 Arabian) - open 98+

Arabian Stallions

Cass Clown (AmuSing x Cassa Fersara) 2010 black - ffc 2017

Arabian Mares

Alepasha (Zion Anwar Pasha x Zion Aleesha) 1981 grey Egyptian - open 88-89, 93-94, 96, 98-00, 02+
Lila Raen (Shaikh el Raen x SLM Sojourner) 1981 chestnut - open 87, 89-92, 94-97, 99+
Grey Ghost (October Miracle x *Israfel) 1986 "white" (grey) - open 90, 92-93, 95, 97, 99+
Diamond Moonquest (*Diamond Cavalier x Celina S Armorella) 1987 chestnut 1/2 Egyptian - open 98+
Sweet Savannah (Sukhaam x Fa Sierra) 1987 bay - open 91+

Bashkir Curly Stallions

Jubilee Sir (JC's Jubilee-r x Epona-r) 1995 buckskin tobiano - ffc 1999

Bashkir Curly Mares

Mae Velvet  (Velvet's Red Riches-r x Mae Anne-r) 1989 flaxen sorrel - open 93-98, 01+

Belgian Draft Mares

Beltane Estella (Beltane Coronet x Empire Estella) 1980 bay - open 84-92, 95-01, 04+
Astra (Atlas x My Belgian Love) 1987 chestnut - open 92-96, 98+

Donkey Jacks

Cloudy Reo (Diamond Reo-r x Cloudy Weather) 1996 black - ffc 2000

Donkey Jennies

Cloudy Weather (Grey Star x Merriweather) 1988 grey - open 92-94, 97+

Friesian Mares

Angus Diae (Song of Death x Requiem) 1988 black - open 96+

Hanoverian Stallions

Abra Cadabra (*Nite Life x Sky Surprise!) 1985 dapple grey - ffc 1989
Winter Wonderland (*Wolfsheim x Feinest Jewel) 1993 bay - ffc 1997

Hanoverian Mares

Amiri (Admirand-r x Galaxie) 1984 grey - open 88-89, 91, 93-94, 96-06

Holsteiner Mares

Camea (Limelight x MarKant) 1988 grey - open 94+

Lusitano Stallions

Escudo (Allargando II x Brisa) 1989 buckskin - ffc 1993

Lusitano Mares

Alesha (Lexus-r x Spanish Eyes) 1994 grey - open 02+

Morgan Stallions

Brooksong Captain Jack (Crimson Jack-r x Ocarina) 1982 bay silver dapple - ffc 1986
Brooksong Dragon (Exclaibur's Quiz Kid x Enchanting Kurtsi) 1987 bay - ffc 1991
Brooksong Brownstone (Brownstone x Spring Rain) 1988 bay - ffc 1992
Brooksong Fantastic (Starquest Commander x Silver Dream) 1988 rose grey - ffc 1992
Brooksong Saint Nick (HVK Joint Venture x Crosstimbers Make A Wish) 1998 bay - ffc 1992
Americana Blu (WR Applevale Fox x Brandywine's Denmark) 1989 black - ffc 1993
Brooksong Hershey (Connoisseur x It's My Turn) 1996 chestnut - ffc 2000

Morgan Mares

Brooksong Lass (Diamond's Singing Minstrel x Quest's Lady Fire) 1981 bay - open 87-88, 98-00, 03-05
Brooksong Lady (Excalibur's Hawk x Midnight Minstrel) 1982 bay - open 86-87, 90-91, 96+
Brooksong Star (Highmesa Pegasus x Pleasant Star) 1984 chestnut - open 94-98, 00, 02-04, 07
Brooksong Mia (Farewell to Kings x Grace Under Fire) 1988 black silver dapple - open 92-11
Blackstone (Another Dark Crossing x Jubilee) 1988 black - open 96+
Ima Pretty Girl (Cunningham x Caccia) 1988 palomino - open 96-00, 02+
Dancing Fires (Bonne Fire x Dance of the Hours) 1989 palomino - open 94-99, 01+
Brooksong Isis (Hobgoblin King x Robbie-Sue's Dun Isis) 1993 red dun - open 97+
Prairie Storm (Ashton Grace x Kappy Kaboodles) 1990 black - open 97+
Brooksong Fancy (Ashwind's Brooksong x Times Square) 1995 liver chestnut - open 01+
White Satin (Call To Glory x Pieces of April) 2000 gray - open 04+

Mustang Mares

Gray Skies (Black Thunder x Garnet) 1989 grey - open 92+

Norwegian Fjord Mares

Pasha (Mid's Kai-r x Lektra-r) 1993 dun - open 99+
Freyanina (Anvil's Torbjorn C-98-r x Pasha) 1998 dun - open 02+

Paint Stallions

Mocha Pi Bar (Jody Pi Bars x Uvulde Mocha Doll) 1986 bay tobiano - ffc 1990
One Fine Cat (Silly Cowboy x Two Eyed Jolene QH) 1986 grulla tobiano - ffc 1990
Blue Moon Wolf (Azure Wrangler QH x Moon Calls) 2001 sorrel tobiano - ffc 2008

Paint Mares

Loving Sonsation (Far Ute Sonsation x Love Me TB) 1986 palomino overo - open 90-94, 96+

Paso Fino Mares

Chantilly (Sensacion LaCE x Luminosa) 1983 palomino sabino - open 87, 89+
Rosa Que Baila (October's Allo Marcio x Sambuca) 1999 chestnut - open 03+

Quarab Mares

Guinevere (Faltaat x Pink Champagne) 1987 red roan - open 91-02,04+

Quarter Horse Stallions

Melodica Mallard (Melodica Duro x Melody Duc) 1991 grulla - ffc 1995
Salt Water Taffy (Rock On x Champ's Lucky Roxy) 2992 bay silver dapple - ffc 1996
Sugar Jet (Executive Jet x Maple Sugar) 1997 palomino - ffc 2003
Pale Moonlight (Oberlicht TB x Pale Golden) 2007 bay - ffc 2015

Quarter Horse Mares

Drifter Dee (Blackburn Drifter x Rebelynne Dee Bar) 1991 grey - open 95-98, 01-02, 08-14
Chickaraptor (Chicken Ripple x Megaraptor TB) 1990 grulla brindle - open 94-13

Shagya Arabian Mares

Elsápad (Amurath Samurai-r x Zareah) 1989 grey - open 93-94, 96, 98+

Shetland Pony Stallions

Autumn Nights (Autumn Wind x Kallie) 1989 black tobiano - ffc 1993

Standardbred Stallions

Tragady (Tragic Kingdom x Nellie O'Grady) 2000 bay pacer - ffc 2006

Thoroughbred Stallions

Dancin' Doc (Kentucky Doc x Dances with the Wind), 1990 chestnut - ffc 1994
Maginot (Bold & Royal x Fabulous Find) 1997 dark bay - ffc 2004
Conversation (Rackham x Girlschool) 1998 bay - ffc 2006
Desert Stand (Stanzi x Desert Shield) 1999 chestnut - ffc 2006
Mad For Plaid (Classic Color x Waiting Room) 1998 bay - ffc 2006
Theatre (Sort II x Applause) 1999 dark bay - ffc 2006
Vamouse [GB] (Fauves x Via Borghese) 1999 grey - ffc 2006
Ballyduff (Bincombe x Irish Fantasy) 2004 bay - ffc 2009
Dramedy (Dramatic Touch x Pleasant Laughter) 2006 bay - ffc 2011

Thoroughbred Mares

Arctic Antics (Bold Antics x Arctic Wind) 1986 grey - open 91+
Charm The Sea (Sea Swap x Charming Antics) 1987 bay - open 92+
Miss Molly (TF Snowy River x TF Stagefright) 1990 fleabitten grey - open 98+
Saint Hope (Majestic Hope x Saint Erin) 1994 chestnut - open 98, 00-01, 04-07, 09+
Coriander (Rampion x Counterclaim) 2000 grey - open 06+
Dramatic Dora (Dramatic Touch x Dora Jean) 2004 chestnut - open 09+
Calkwalk (The Big Game x Karat Cake) 2006 bay - open 11+
Cordelia Chase (Xander [GB] x Gallant Regrets) 2007 bay - open 11+
Crystal Mountain [IRE] (Ramada x Mt. Sacrifice [FR]) 2005 chestnut - open 11+

Copyright © 2004-2015 Beth Gustas
Please note that the Rainbow Dreams Stables pedigree research and bloodstock program, as well as all horses & activities held within, are for entertainment purposes only and are not associated with live horses. This is a hobby; all RDS-owned horses are model horse and/or paper identities and are not real. The pedigree research hobby promotes the research and understanding of equine bloodlines.