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Rainbow Dreams Stables established our Express racing program in the Fall of 1998 and has been an active participant in realistic racing since that time (with a hiatus or two during more complicated life phases). We opened our Model Racing Forum Thoroughbred division in the Fall of 2000 and were active in Thoroughbred racing through 2009 and have plans to re-establish a small strings of Thoroughbred runners to race in FTRA in the fall of 2013. As a member of the Express and FTRA racing groups, we strive to breed and race quality horses that excel both on the track and on our breeding farm. We also host an Express stock horse track, Mountainside Race Park, which was extremely active in 2000-2009 and now has a limited schedule of stock breed races eight months a year. Our stewart also runs an International Arabian meet or two each year.

This web site was developed as an informational source for those wishing to explore Rainbow Dreams Stables racing and breeding program. Details and updates about our farm breeding stock are available on our Stallions and Broodmares pages, although the most updated get/produce race records can be found by searching the Express Database. Breeders and the curious are welcomed to visit our pages for our currently racing Arabians, Standardbreds, Quarter Horses, Paints, and Appaloosas to view the latest accomplishments of these race horses. Our up and coming foals are presented on our Youngstock page. If you are interested in acquiring horses for your own program, please check out our Sales/Auction page as well as our Available for Bids and Giveaway lists in the Express database. Recently retired horses awaiting incorporation into our bloodstock pages can be found on the Bloodstock Prospects page. And don't forget our Links page as a portal to other racing web sites, simulated racing tracks and stables. Enjoy!

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Horse Race at Tampa Bay Downs (Photo Credit to John Jacobsen)

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PLEASE NOTE: This web page is part of a model horse hobby web site. The Rainbow Dreams Stables racing program, as well as all horses & activities held within, are for entertainment purposes only and are not associated with live horse racing. Rainbow Dreams Stables-owned horses referred to in these pages are NOT real; they are model horses or paper identities only. Any real horses discussed in these pages are listed for pedigree research purposes only and are denoted with a -r after their names. The simulated horse racing hobby promotes the research and understanding of equine bloodlines and the sport of horse racing.