Online Resources

A few resources available exclusively online for the model horse hobby!

Web Sites

Animal Figurines Gallery Index
A reference site for animal figurine collectors including Hagen-Renakers and more.

The Artist's Signature Registry
A developing page dedicated to collecting the signatures of custom artists, sculptors, prop, costume and tack-makers - wonderful resource in trying to identify unknown pieces.

Collectibles Insurance Agency
An insurance agency that will insure your model horse collection!

Creata Winner's Choice Micro Horse Reference Site
Guide and history of the Creata Winner's Choice Micro Mini model horses

Hobby Abbreviations
An alphabetized list of abbreviations used in the model horse hobby. Neat resource!

Model Equine Judges and Showers Handbook
A developing web site with articles about various model horse halter and performance class guidelines.

Model Horse Blab
A bulletin board for model horse hobbyists!

Model Horse Customizing How-To's
A great collection of articles about customizing model horses from long-time artist Sue R. Sudekum!

The Model Horse Gallery
The world's largest model horse gallery with over 20,000 photos, 250 galleries and 2,300 pages to take a virtual walk through.

Model Horse
A site dedicated to providing information to the Breyer model horse collectors, show competitors, the enthusiast, and to the horse lover as well as give novices to the hobby a place to learn all about it.

Model Horse Photo Show Museum
A fun look at model horse show photos from the early days of photo showing!

The Model Horse Wanted Board
Looking for a particular model horse or other hobby item? List is FREE on the Model Horse Wanted Board!

Model Horse Wiki
An online encyclopedia for the model horse hobby! (Currently under development)

The Resin Horse
An online history of the resins in the model horse hobby as well as information on how the are created and how to prepare them for painting.

Stone Horse Reference Site
Official reference site for Peter Stone model horses!

Electronic Mailing Lists
American Model Stock Horse Association Yahoo Group
Artist Resins Discussion List
Breyer OF Mailing List
Ceramic Animals Collectors Forum - emphasis on horses
Colorado Model Horse Hobbyists
Customizing Stablemates List
The Exchange - Model Horse Sales, Trade, & Wants
Express Realistic Racing Mailing List
The Haynet - Model Horse Discussion Group
Horse Color Listserv
The IPABRA Pedigree Assignment List
MEPSA Discussion List
Model Horse Book Club
Model Horse Photography Discussion
Model Horse Show List
Model Horse Tack Discussion List
Model Morgan Lovers Discussion Group
NAMHSA Discussion List
Resin Horses E-Group
Rio Rondo News Mailing List
Stablemate CMing Discussion List
TOPSA Mailing List

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