Hobby Organizations

Organizational Bodies
Model Equine Photo Showers Association (MEPSA)
North American Model Horse Shows Association (NAMHSA)

Model Horse Clubs
American Long-Ears Society (ALES)
American Model Arabian Horse Association (AMAHA)
American Model Morgan Horse Association (AMMHA)
Breyer Model Horse Registry (BMHR)
British Equine Collectors' Forum (BECF)
Deep South Model Horse Club (DSMHC)
European Model Horse Collectors Association (EMHCA)
Exotic Model Horse Registry (EMHR)
Georgia Equine Miniaturists (GEM)
The Happy Appy Horse Club (HAHC)
International Pedigree Assignment & Bloodline Research Association (IPABRA)
International Spotted Model Horse Registry (ISMHR)
International Model Stock Horse Association (IMSHA)
Mid-West Kennel Club (MWKC)
Model Equine Showers Association (MESA)
Model Horse Dressage Association (MHDA)
Model Horse Unlimited
Norse Horse Associations & Registry (NHAR)
Oklahoma Model Horse Club (OMHC)
Original Finish Collectors Club (OFCC)
Paint-Appaloosa-Quarter Horse Halter Club
Simulated Horse Showing Association (SHSA)
South Texas Model Horse Club (STMHC)
Swedish Modelhorse Society
The All Breed Model Horse Collectors/Showers Club (TABMHCSC)
Treasure Valley Model Horse Club (TVMHC)

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