Welcome to Starrfyre.com!

Thank you for visiting my web site! Starrfyre.com is my original home on the web and has been in existence for nearly (more than?) twenty years. Hard to believe the World Wide Web has been a part of our lives for so long... These days it serves as a central portal to my other online activities. You're welcome to explore the pages below at your leisure.


I am mom to three exasperating but adored elementary school daughters who my husband and I adopted through our county's foster care program. I am an advocate for adoption and may expand more on that here someday, but for now I'm too busy living life with my girls! In that same vein, I maintain a Family Idea (Google) Calendar for Lakewood, CO which started as a personal way for me to organize my "that sounds fun!" ideas but is now open to the public.

Pet Pages

Animals have always been my heart and a major support in my life. Once upon a time, when my life didn't involve a family with three little girls, a full time job, a business, a home, four more furry kiddos and all the related nitty-gritty to these avocations, I enjoyed creating web pages for by furry family. Maya and Spice grew old and moved on to their next adventures, but I wouldn't feel right leaving them off Starrfyre.com. Perhaps I'll add a gallery of other important furry ones in my life at some point!

Starrfyre Supply

Starrfyre Supply is a family-run, home-based eCommerce business – a bit of a general store with a wide variety of products including toys, books, clothing, collectibles, home products, and so much more! Our offerings range from the mundane tools needed for everyday life to the wild, whimsical, and downright magical. Our inventory includes a mix of new and used items sourced from thrift stores, garage sales, clearance sales, and a growing number of wholesale companies. You may even find a handcrafted or otherwise restored wonder in our catalog. You never know what you may find!

Currently, we sell our products via eBay and Facebook marketplaces but are continuing to explore other sales channels. We hope you’ll spend a bit of time browsing our virtual shelves – you’ll surely find something you can’t live without!

Your support is welcome and appreciated!

Realistic Racing

This odd little hobby is a realistically-based fantasy sport where members breed, own, train and race their own horses. Much like fantasy football or fantasy football, the hobby emulates real racing but instead of using stats from real athletes, we CREATE our own athletes! Rainbow Dreams Stables established our Express racing program in the Fall of 1998 and has been an active participant in realistic racing racing stock breeds, Standardbreds and Arabians since that time...with a hiatus or two during more complicated life phases. We opened our Thoroughbred division in the Fall of 2000 and have also been active in the Fantasy Thoroughbred Racing Association (formerly MRF). As a member of the Express and FTRA racing groups, we strive to breed and race quality horses that excel both on the track and on our breeding farm. We also host an Express stock horse track, Mountainside Race Park, which was extremely active in 2000-2009 and now runs occasional race meets as time allows.

Model Horses

Born with a love of horses, I have been involved with the model horse hobby since I was a preteen (a very long time ago) and, while I'm no longer as actively involved as I once was, I still keep a toe in this surprising avocation and participate from time to time. Breyer, one of the major manufacturers (but certainly not the only!) of model horses offers a nice basic introduction to the model horse hobby but just do a Google Search for "model horses" and you'll find endless delights. The model horse hobby offers something for everyone -- collecting, showing, artistic pursuits, research and so much more! You may want to check out more information on the Model Horse Blab, explore live model horse showing at the NAMHSA website or photo showing on the MEPSA website, or learn more about equine genetics and bloodlines in the International Pedigree Assignment and Bloodline Research Association website.